Thoughts on the Media - "Not for liberals."


Ignore the media. It isn't propaganda if we don't listen.

Liberate America from the Occupation Media. #2ndAmendmentMatters

My ears are bleeding -.FOX ..all I hear are shrill high pitched whiney women taking over each other

The term 'New York Times' is offensive to me - it's microaggression aimed at traditional Americans

Don't believe anything the media or government says about firearms or explosives

There is nothing's so small it can't be blown out of proportion.
Rucker's Law

American Media = Domestic Enemy

Amnesty-media out in full force.

The Mainstream Media: IGNORANCE ON PARADE

News reporting is too important to be left to the journalists.

The Fourth Estate is the Fifth Column.

New York Times: "We print the news as it fits our views."

When the MSM and Elites want your opinion they will give it to you.

Communication is an art form susceptible to sudden technical failures.

This propaganda has been edited (specifically) to include some fully orbed hyperbole..

If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world, but I am sure we would be getting reports from Hell before breakfast.
William Tecumseh Sherman

Correspondents of the press were not always disposed to report correctly what did not confirm their preconceived notions.
Ulysses S. Grant

If you don't read the newspapers you are uniformed; if you do read the newspapers you are misinformed.
Mark Twain

The 1st Amendment gives the People the right to a free press, not CNN the right to the 1st question.

Media: prostitutes for the Democrat Party.

Media deliberately and intentionally chooses to lie, with full awareness and knowledge.

"The press is impotent when it abandons itself to falsehood."
Thomas Jefferson

The Deep State plantation is only viable when buttressed with incessant and unchallenged propaganda.

We will stop calling you fake news when you stop being fake news.

Journalism no longer reports news, they use news to shape our society.

Twitter is Trump's laser pointer and the media are all cats.

The internet has driven the world mad.

News reporting is too important to be left to the journalists."
Walter Abbott

Lying Media: willing and eager allies of the hate-America left.

The media doesn't treat the president the way they do because of who he is; they treat the president the way they do because of who they are.